South East USA Tour to the National Farm Machinery Show 2020

The National Farm and Machinery Show features the largest collection of cutting-edge agricultural products, equipment and techniques in the farming industry. For five decades, farmers from around the world have come to learn and gain access to modern technological advancements for their businesses.

Southern USA National Farm Machinery Show 2020

The four day event takes place at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky on February 12-15 and covers more than 1.2 million square feet of exhibition space. The show offers an unequaled opportunity to learn and gain access to new innovations and technology. And we want you to come with us!

Quadrant Australia is travelling to the Southeastern USA to take a tour group to the National Farm Machinery Show in 2020. Not only will we get to attend the show, we’ll also get to experience the local culture and see Louisville tourist attractions and learn about Kentucky agriculture tourism.

Here are the highlights of our 12 day tour:

Louisville, Kentucky

Kentucky boasts over 75,000 farm operations, cultivating more than 12,000,000 acres throughout the state. It’s the leading beef cattle producer east of the Mississippi and also produces corn, soybeans, burley, tobacco, dairy products, hay, and wheat.

We’ll enter the U.S. from Sydney via Dallas, and fly from Dallas to Louisville. On our first full day, we’ll visit two farms nearby before returning to the hotel for dinner.

Muhammed Ali and Kentucky Derby

Southern USA National Farm Machinery Show

We’ll enjoy a few days of sightseeing around Louisville. First up is the Muhammed Ali Center, a non-profit museum and cultural centre dedicated to the legendary boxer. This interactive museum is educational and a lot of fun!

We’ll also get a chance to visit the wold-famous Churchill Downs Race Track where the Kentucky Derby takes place every year. Afterwards we’ll visit the 

Kentucky Derby Museum to learn all about the history of this renowned event.

Kentucky Bourbon

On day four we’ll visit a bourbon distillery to learn all about how this acclaimed drink is made. Kentucky produces 95% of the country’s bourbon, with over 50 distilleries producing over 200 brands. After lunch you can choose to either tour a machinery producer or a second bourbon distillery.

Bluegrass, Thoroughbreds, and Farm Bureau

The next day we’ll learn why Kentucky is known as “bluegrass country” and has become the home of thoroughbred racing in the U.S. Many of the best thoroughbred studs from around the world have set up operations in Kentucky because of the high concentration of calcium in the soil of the bluegrass region - which leads to stronger bones and higher endurance in horses.

Southern USA National Farm Machinery Show We’ll visit a thoroughbred horse stud to get a behind-the-scenes look at its operation. After lunch we’ll meet with members of the American Farm Bureau - an independent, non-governmental organisation governed by farm and ranch families that have come together to analyse problems and lobby for educational improvement, economic opportunity and social advancement. This special opportunity will give us interesting and valuable insights into the current state of farming in the United States.

Ford Truck Plant

On day six, we’ll take a tour of the massive Ford Truck Plant and learn about the assembly and production line from start to finish. Ford is a major employer in Kentucky, employing over 9,000 people. We’ll learn about how the automotive industry is a driving force of Kentucky’s economy. 

National Farm and Machinery Show 2020

Days seven and eight will be filled with the main event, the National Farm and Machinery Show. You’ll be able to explore all the newest farming trends, technology, and tools from the world’s leading brands. Virtually every major line of farming equipment will be present. 

We’ll learn about modern technological advancements, witness new product launches, see alternative energy solutions, and be able to perform in-depth product comparisons. This is truly the pinnacle of the farming industry.

After the farm and machinery show, we’ll spend some time taking in the sights of Louisville, and if possible, attend a horse race.