travelling in retirement

Travel Time - Travelling in Retirement

You’ve worked hard your entire life; you deserve to enjoy your retirement. With the right planning and budget, you can still enjoy the joys of travel. We asked our travel writer, Kerry Moss, to tell us some of her best tips for travelling in retirement. Choose your timing One of the joys of not […]

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Travel Time - Singapore

Whether it’s slurping on noodles, watching the Polar Bear swim at the zoo or doing loops on the Singapore Flyer, Singapore has something for everyone. Here's our top things to do in Singapore: Marina Bay Sands Think Vegas meets luxury resort, and you’ll be half way there. Marina Bay Sands is […]

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Travel Time - Japan Highlights

Japan is bursting at the seams with natural beauty, enchanting culture and unique experiences. It’s the contrasts in Japan that make it so exceptional. Wandering the busy streets of Tokyo provides glimpses of an uncharted future. Surrounded by neon lights and pop culture, people watching in Tokyo […]

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Travel Time - Hawaii

Greeted by your first “Aloha”, a visit to Hawaii will fill you with an undeniable spirit of Aloha – not just a warm greeting of hello or goodbye, but a way of life – to see and practice goodness in the world. A true jewel of the Pacific. The natural elements of this destination, as well as […]

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Travel Time - Is Cruising For You?

Here are a few of the compelling reasons why you could consider cruising for your next holiday. Cruising offers great value

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Travel Time - Farmers Tour to Scandinavia

The Farmers Tour to Scandinavia is surprising and offers exceptional diversity and stunning natural landscapes. The tour takes travellers through Norway, Denmark and Sweden during the northern summer and discovers why Scandinavia offers some of the world’s highest living standards.

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lawn hill gorge australia

Tour Insights - Australia with Scott Perkins

While for many of us, travel evokes dreams of trips to far-flung destinations, it’s worth remembering that our own backyard offers some epic travel experiences too, as well as incredible learning opportunities.

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Tour Insights – Canada with Ross Keane

Is there anywhere in the world you can dress up like a cowboy and shout “yee-haa” and not attract strange looks? The Calgary Stampede is perhaps the only place you’ll get away with it and it’s a bucket-list location that tops off one of our best-loved Canadian tours.

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Beef Central: Wagyu tour: Hokkaido beef plant sets high standards for yield, traceability, food safety

While Japan’s single largest beef processing plant may be modest in size compared with many in Australia, what it lacks in scale it makes up for in attention to detail, precision and a heavy focus on traceability and food safety.

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japan wagyu tour

Beef Central: At $17,000 a carcass, Wagyu is serious business in Japan’s wholesale meat market

Watching individual high-quality Wagyu carcasses sell for the equivalent of $17,000 Australian left an indelible impression on the Australian Wagyu tour group on the first day of their 2017 study tour to Japan today.

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