Tour Insights - Ireland & UK with Fiona Lake

ireland and UK cows

More than half the Australian population have ancestral links to the UK and/or Ireland but our fascination with these countries goes far deeper than history and DNA. These relatively small countries pack a mighty punch when it comes to what they offer for tourists, with breathtaking landscapes, iconic sights and unique travel experiences.

The Quadrant Difference

Tour Leader for the upcoming Ireland & UK Farm Tour, Fiona Lake, says that these destinations provide a fascinating insight into where Australia’s farming traditions originated. She says the differences and similarities between farming practices there and back home are remarkably thought provoking.

In Fiona’s own words, what makes this farm tour truly stand out from others to this part of the world, is the “unparalleled opportunities to meet locals involved in agriculture”. Her years of travel and building relationships has resulted in a vast number of local farmers, genuinely interested in meeting and engaging with Quadrant guests and sharing yarns over dinner.

Tour Highlights

The journey is also structured around events to give guests once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like attending The Royal Welsh show, one of the best agricultural shows in the world, and undeniably Britain’s best livestock shows.

Guests will get the chance to cheer on Aussie shearers at the international standard shearing competition and enjoy an amazing array of welsh food, straight from paddock to plate. While the tour through this part of the world has a long list of highlights, Fiona believes that for many the Royal Welsh show will be the pinnacle.

Then there’s the natural attractions, like mother nature’s Irish masterpiece, the Cliffs of Moher, arguably Ireland’s most famous landmark, rising dramatically out of the ocean. And just a couple of hundred kilometres south, the Dingle Peninsula, on Ireland’s wild Atlantic Way, an ancient landscape of ring forts and craggy cliffs.


Explore the UK

Like all of Quadrant’s offerings, the tour is a carefully curated blend of farming visits and agricultural events, mixed with sight-seeing and absorbing other cultures.

From Ireland it’s over to Wales and then across to England with stops in the historic hamlets of Bath, home to 1,000-year-old Roman baths, and Stratford-upon-Avon, a delightful town, best known as the birthplace of Shakespeare.

Each country in the British Isles has its own character and unique highlights and tour leader Fiona Lake says she loves working with Quadrant to handpick an itinerary that “goes the extra mile” giving guests a truly unforgettable experience.


Experienced Tour Leaders

Quadrant’s wealth of expertise is personified in their carefully selected tour leaders and Fiona Lake is no exception. Fiona wears many hats, as well as leading tours around the world, she’s an author, a licensed drone pilot and a photographer. Growing up on an Australian wheat and sheep farm on the Murray River, Fiona says she’s had an interest in photography, agriculture, the natural environment and other cultures for as long as she can remember. So, leading this type of tour is a natural fit.

Departing in mid-July, the tour runs through the height of the British summer, when the countryside is in full bloom, harvesters are hard at work and agricultural events are in full swing.

With a small group size and what Fiona describes as “a tour with heart and soul”, this is the perfect opportunity to discover what is often referred to as the “motherland” for Australians.