Ag Highlights of Turkey (including Anzac Day in Gallipolli)

The haunting sound of the Last Post echoing out across the Gallipoli Peninsula is a life-changing experience and one that travellers who have been lucky enough to make their way to Anzac Cove for the occasion, say they’ll never forget.


Attending the dawn service, paying respect to the fallen, wandering through the memorial sites and walking through the trenches, is the ultimate way to learn about the legend and legacy of the ANZACs.

Travelling to these solemn battlefields on the anniversary of the landing and hearing the stories of heroism, allows travellers to commemorate Anzac Day in the most authentic way possible.

The visit forms one of the major highlights of Quadrant’s upcoming ‘Ag Highlights of Turkey’ tour, giving guests the chance to walk in the footsteps of the 50,000 Australians and 14,000 New Zealanders who served at Gallipoli.

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But while the catalyst for joining this tour is often the unforgettable Anzac experience, this fascinating country delivers ten-fold with an abundance of sites of historical interest, impressive architecture, sublime scenery and leading innovations in agriculture.

Kicking off in Istanbul, the only city in the world spanning two continents, one arm reaching out to Asia, the other to Europe, across a narrow strait. Istanbul’s position provides an intriguing mix of East and West, past and present, in a city full of beautiful contradictions.


Sprinkled among all the sightseeing this tour offers, is some interesting and ground-breaking agricultural visits. A couple of hours south is one of the country’s most productive agricultural areas, Yalova, with a tour to the city’s Horticultural Research Centre, while further south in Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, there’s a stop at one of Turkey’s largest fruit exporters.

While driving around this fertile hinterland, it’s easy to see the importance agriculture plays in this part of the country and enroute to Pamukkale is a visit to a large family owned dairy farm employing the use of drone technology for fodder production.

Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish, is a one-of-a-kind landscape that’s been dubbed one of the most unique natural wonders of the world. The carbonate mineral left by flowing water has created a surreal setting resembling a frozen waterfall. The visit includes a stop at the incredible travertine terraces as well as the ancient city and hot springs.


Another of Turkey’s landmark stops is Ephesus, one of the most amazing cities of the ancient world and once a vital trade and cultural centre. Being in this ancient landscape resembles something of a real life history lesson, with the tour also spending time at the ancient city of Troy, immortalised in history with tales of the Trojan War and the story of the famous Trojan horse.


These stops are peppered along the way with farm visits and agricultural industry stops, including optional visits to a fig or cotton institute or a “smart village”, a special project using the latest in farming technology.

One thing you can’t do is leave Turkey without some memories of this fascinating country and the final days include stops at local bazaars and plenty of time to relax and explore the maze of marketplaces.

The places listed are just a taste of the veritable smorgasbord of experiences this tour offers, so if Turkey is sitting at the top of your bucketlist, do yourself a favour and enquire to find out more about this once-in-a-lifetime journey!

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